1. Simple Box Food has limited delivery areas only. If your address is not found to be in our delivery area, but should be, please contact us. However, whether or not your address is included as part of our delivery areas is subject to Simple Box Food's absolute discretion. 
    2. To order online, registered customers must first login by keying in their email address followed by their password.
    3. The 48 hours Delivery Commitment starts from the time we confirm your order via email.
    4. Our Delivery time slot is 01:00PM to 08:00PM.
    1. Mode of payment on Simple Box Food Website is ONLY via iPay88 portal for Credit/Debit Card, Grab Pay and/or Simple Box Food Gift Certificates. 
    2. Customers may use more than one online coupon per order, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant online coupon. 
    3. Promo Coupons are not redeemable for cash. 
    4. Promo Coupons are subject to terms and conditions contained in the relevant Promo Coupons.
    1. You may cancel an order without charge at any time before we have confirmed your order (a "Confirmed Order") or received a confirmation email. If you wish to cancel an order before it becomes a Confirmed Order, please contact us immediately via call at 0123070778. 
    2. Orders are considered final as soon as they are placed and modification/cancellation is generally not permitted. That said, we do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. In the event of cancellation, we will credit the cost of such order to your bank account in 7-10 working days. Simple Box Food will credit the customers bank account directly.
    1. Simple Box Food will investigate all complaints with Objectivity and fairness, please submit your complaints to sb@simpleboxfood.com. For all complaints substantiate with photos as evidence. We issue refunds or replacements on case by case post completion of investigation, within 72 hours of receiving the complaint