Cyberjaya Indian Restaurant

Welcome to one of the most exciting Indian restaurants in Cyberjaya. Our menu is as original as it gets in Cyberjaya, menu items are a harmonious marriage of Indian, Mexican, Italian and local ingredients. Our signature dish, Grilled chicken with Biryani rice captures it all, Mexican Cajun spices, Indian masala and Biryani will take you on a journey around the world. Try our Tortizza Pizzas and artisan sandwiches and you will savor an unique taste. The all-time Indian comfort dish Butter chicken, try it without any colours or preservatives

And did we mention the view from our place, enjoy the stunning and serene gardens of Tamarind square. In the evening our restaurant becomes a rooftop restaurant, one of the only in Cyberjaya.

We also deliver Food free of charge in Cyberjaya.

So with 100 google reviews that say it all, do come over to our Cyberjaya restaurant and we promise it will be an experience you will remember.

All ingredients used are Halal certified we prepare all our spice mixes and other ingredients in house, paneer and fresh yoghurt are also made in house.